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A BIG FUCK YOU to all the people who think Louis doesn’t care about his relationship with Harry, doesn’t want to come out, is insecure about his sexuality, isn’t supportive enough, isn’t hinting enough, likes being closeted and isn’t throwing a gay parade and doesn’t love harry as much as harry loves him. A big fucking fuck you. Fucking understand that their closets are different, and fuck, you’re undermining him in every single way you can. Just, no

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the stuff that made it into the OFFICIAL 1D ANNUAL for 2015 is so interesting to me. it’s as if they’re preparing for harry and louis to come out by 2015 or something because some of the stuff in the book seems to be subtlety supportive of them.

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Anonymous: ashley, i think 1d might be going on alan carr´s chatty man. @celebEurope first tweeted about the new season starting september 10th and then tweeted: One Direction. Massive chatshow appearance in the UK. Very soon. & then 1D + Alan Carr Chattyman = life lets cross our fingers, it they all go back to the uk on their break they can film before the season begins.








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@Eduardo14U: @Louis_Tomlinson thanks man!!! Enjoy Chicago mate.

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Chicago 28.8.14

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Chicago 28.8.14

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Anonymous: This is all so unexpected. Some months ago we'd say that they'd come out when 1d's over because they can't. We'd say they'd stay with modest. We wouldn't think about a rebranding, no way. Everything has changed in the last two weeks. It's a bit weird. Do you really really think that it's a possibility?? All the rebranding, leaving modest, coming out etc before otrat??? It was weeks ago we didn't think this way. I want to believe this, I truly do, but I don't wanna have high hopes.



That’s the thing — When things change, they change fast. Publicists can spend upwards of a year planning out every little detail of a move like that, but when they actually execute the plan, everything falls into place within a few weeks or months.

I’m just speculating, basing things on my own experience, and I’ve not been around long enough to know their traditional patterns, so this may well just be more of the same. Something could force them back into line tomorrow for all I know. But right now, to me, it looks like things are changing.

Things changing in the last two weeks is not entirely true. We have been seeing a change in patterns in little doses since the middle of december. It is just that Harry is coming strongly on twitter with his hints or his obvious-right-in-your-face support to LGBTQ community right now. Yes this is such a strong shift in itself. But we witnessed the same shift with Zayns public image in winter. It is pretty acknowledged fact that Modest has been trying to erase Zayn‘s background from his 1D persona since the beginning but he joined the british asian
trust as an
ambassador in february -this can be counted as a move towards rebranding; which i believe it is; but how it happened in february if modests losing the reigns is a recent thing. I dont really think the same team that banned questions about his religion in a radio interview and him to tweet eid mubarak allow him to take such a public step that is clearly has an unveiling effect on his background. He tweeted ‘Free Palestine‘ in the first day of Eid. That is such a huge thing in itself that he is showing support to a muslim state -the same group of people (as in Muslims) Modest has been trying not to associate with Zayn. What Harry and Zayn have been doing is the same thing -taking a stand against repressions imposed on their own persons to appease the parents that are gonna bring money in. The signs that are listed as implications of transition and their connection to the Azoffs have been there since this winter. There is definitely an immense shift but it is not something sudden; it is everything piling up; this is really nothing new except the amount of resistance harry has been showing in the last two weeks or should i say that he has been facing different kind of struggles to keep his sexuality and his relationship under wraps so his way to rebel has been changing over the time because he has managed to overcome some of those struggles. He has been fighting against his womanizer image and trying to undermine everything that implies he is so; but that reputation of his has clearly been slowing down since this february and now he is fighting against the idea that he cant be gay. There is not only one struggle that he can only rebel in a certain way; him tweeting the old man lyrics last year and I’m scared of the dark and the dentist is amounting to the same thing in the context: resistance -freeing himself from a reputation and staying true to himself and hinting at his true self (Im keeping the michael sam jersey out of this discussion just like i kept zayns freepalestine tweet out of any management talk- i just had to state above to remind everyone) What I‘m saying that we are seeing more prominent rebelling acts from the boys because they managed to lessen the bullshit; under which their true selves have been buried; in the first half of year; in my opinion the question is how they managed to lessen the bullshit and not why now. I wonder what kind of legal power they are holding against their current management team -I mean i have my thoughts; whom they have been targeting with their snarky comments since 2012 so their displeasure is not something new that suddenly occured to them so they just started to take a control of things in 2014; that they have not been sued yet for all the things they have done this year. Yeah the possibility of 1D brand changing teams can explain the last two weeks as they are in a transition period we are witnessing mixed signals; but what is gonna explain the wild year that is 2014 which has been full of mixed signals since the beginning?

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i love the way harry looks at louis as much as the next guy, but let me tell you 

the way louis looks at harry literally makes me want to punch my computer screen 


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I JUST uploaded this and it has views??

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Sporty chic Louis and his fancy man


When Harry dresses up and Louis dresses down I weep.



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from One Direction: The Official Annual 2015

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Niall and Harry in One Direction: The Official Annual 2015

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